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Your roof is one of the critical pieces of your home.   Everyone has heard the phrase: “keep a roof over your head”.  Keeping a good roof over your head is important for insuring your house functions well but is also a major focal point for the appearance of your home!  For us at House Toppers Exteriors, keeping a roof over your head is an important focal point for us as well.  Age is certainly a deciding factor determining the need for replacing your roof.  Eventually age leaves you with no choice but a replacement.  Weather is also decisive and usually more frequent in demanding a new roof.  Wind and Hail storms can damage even a brand new roof.  And, if you have an old style 3 tab shingles they are even more susceptible to being affected.  Fortunately, weather related damage is usually covered by your home owners insurance.  We can professionally help you determine if your roof qualifies for insurance paying for your new roof.  Our staff is professionally trained just as public adjusters are, and can determine if the damage to your roof would be recognized and accepted by your insurance company to pay for replacement.




Mother-nature can also cause damage to your siding. Also, when it comes to siding, your personal style can come to life.  Your house may be built exactly like the one next door but your house can become uniquely yours, with the correct color and style of siding options.  It’s our goal to help you repair and or create your unique home.  Depending on the type of siding you currently have, weather once again can cause damage.  Aluminum siding, is especially susceptible to a hail storm.  While aluminum is beautiful it is also delicate; it is easily dented from hail.  Insurance company adjusters employ certain techniques to determine the severity and volume of damage from a storm that is currently recognized by them.  That damage may not always be noticeable to an untrained eye.  You could literally look at your property and not notice the very damage an insurance adjuster would pay to have repaired.  Aluminum also cannot be easily repaired, since damaging good parts of the area where the damage actually exists is unavoidable.  The good news is you can have your siding replaced using an insurance payout and result in an upgrade to your property, often without having to pay a deductible.



Gutters play an important part in the structure of your house.  They help protect your landscaping and carry rain water away from your foundation.  When appropriate over-sized gutters and downspouts are installed, they help with water volume and provide added safety.  Through insurance payout situations gutters and downspouts are usually covered with siding replacement projects.




Windows have an 80% return on your investment according to statistics.  Quality windows also can save you up to 40% on your energy bills, keeping your home properly heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. Quality window updates add beauty and security as they are maintenance free.

We have the right experience and professionals to install all types of windows.

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After having some water issues around my home and garage, I'm pleased I hired House Toppers to install/fix gutters on my home and garage, and cap my basement windows.  I no longer have those issues and would hire them again.  Thank you so much!

David M.

Batavia, IL